A split release out soon

posted on May, 4 2024

Thrilled to announce that Ryefield Society and James A. McDermid collaborated on a split album that will be out soon via the Italian label ROHS! Records . (... read more)

Release: Another Escape

posted on Mar, 6 2024

I am very happy to announce the release of a new track. The Chinese label Indefinite Pitch has kindly invited me to contribute a piece to their compilation “Selected Works. Series 3”. (... read more)

Release: Familiar Skies (Anemoia)

posted on Jul, 8 2023

The Chinese label Jyugam has just released a compilation entitled “場所精神 / Genius Loci Vol. 1”, in which I had the pleasure to contribute a piece. (... read more)

Featured: Artless Ostinati on radio

posted on Jun, 19 2023

Artless Ostinati has been out for two months now. I would like to thank everyone who supported the project. I am especially thankful to the radio hosts, DJs and curators that included some tracks from it in their mixes. (... read more)

Artless Ostinati is out now!

posted on Apr, 18 2023

My first album is now available on all platforms! (... read more)

Premiere of two tracks from Artless Ostinati

posted on Apr, 6 2023

Two new tracks are now available on SoundCloud! (... read more)

First LP out soon!

posted on Mar, 30 2023

It is my great pleasure to announce that my first LP will be out very soon! (... read more)

Featured: Space Is The Place

posted on Jan, 7 2023

Every Thursday, the radio show Space Is The Place on Cumbria-based CandoFM plays an eclectic music selection, following the “Music Without Borders” motto. (... read more)

Release: Warm Echoes

posted on Dec, 30 2022

Based on Jeju Island, the Korean label Huinali Recordings has been releasing some of my favourite electronic music over the last years. (... read more)

Release: Fatigue

posted on Nov, 25 2022

Toronto-based label Imaginary North just released Ambient Guitar Chronicles, a guitar-only ambient compilation. (... read more)

Featuring: Spooky Season 3

posted on Oct, 3 2022

Kilometre Club (solo ambient musician, and label manager of Imaginary North) just released his third Spooky Season mixtape. (... read more)

Featured: Lost, Found, and Lost Again

posted on Jun, 25 2022

Karen Vogt (solo ambient musician, but also in band Heligoland and in duet GALÁN/VOGT) curates a fortnightly show on CAMP radio. (... read more)

Featured: Memoria

posted on Apr, 10 2022

British producer and music writer Ryan Hooper (aka Heavy Cloud) assembled a beautiful mix entitled “Memoria”. (... read more)

Release: Unsent Postcard

posted on Apr, 4 2022

“Unsent Postcard” is a new track I made for the compilation Siren Songs: Solidarity With Ukraine, released by Mailbox Records. (... read more)

Under Searing Skies

posted on Nov, 17 2021

A few months ago, I was invited to curate the third compilation from series There Is Still An Orchestra. This release is now out! (... read more)

Sound experiment: DNA-controlled synthesizer

posted on Aug, 22 2021

Here is the result of a sound experiment, in which I used DNA to control a synthesizer. (... read more)

Appearance on: Caminauta's patreon music challenge

posted on Jul, 31 2021

I have recently taken part in a YouTube challenge organized by Caminauta, aiming at exploring the relation between music and image. (... read more)

Release: Ces jours qui disparaissent (Ryefield Society Remix)

posted on May, 27 2021

I was recently asked by the French post-rock/metal band Alpha Du Centaure to remix a track from their first album Paralysis. This remix is now available as part of the “Paralysis:Variations” release, that also includes remixes by Toul En Ihuern, Unknown Fault, Odalie, Noon and A Last Picture From Voyager. (... read more)

Artwork: An alternative path

posted on May, 17 2021

Ink on paper (... read more)

1st anniversary release in cassette!

posted on May, 12 2021

To celebrate the first anniversary of its digital release, Spleencore Records is offering my EP “The Alternative Path Of Abstraction” a limited cassette edition. (... read more)

Featured on: The Best Ambient Music on Bandcamp: January 2021

posted on Jan, 28 2021

“Music for Another Sky” has just been featured on Bandcamp’s January 2021 Best Ambient Music list. (... read more)

Release: Home outside

posted on Jan, 25 2021

So happy to be part of this! Cannot tell how lucky I feel to have one track in the same compilation as (... read more)

Appearance on: KEXP Radio - Pacific Notions

posted on Jan, 24 2021

In order to celebrate the release of Music for Another Sky, tracks from the compilation including my own (... read more)

Artwork: A body turns to eden

posted on Jun, 28 2020

Ink on paper (... read more)

Featured: Music to clear your mind

posted on May, 22 2020

Happy to be see my track “Blurry me” (from my first EP, The Alternative Path Of Abstraction) included in this great playlist. (... read more)

Release: The Alternative Path Of Abstraction

posted on May, 15 2020

My first EP The Alternative Path of Abstraction is out now, on Spleencore Records! (... read more)

Teaser: The Alternative Path Of Abstraction

posted on May, 6 2020

The Alternative Path Of Abstraction will be out on May 15th. (... read more)

Release: Working in Loneliness

posted on Mar, 16 2020

New release: Working in Loneliness, a compilation. Working in Loneliness tries to be (... read more)