Featured: Memoria

Posted on Apr 10, 2022

British producer and music writer Ryan Hooper (aka Heavy Cloud) assembled a beautiful mix entitled “Memoria”. It pays tribute to artists Philip Jeck and Mira Calix, and also features four tracks from the compilation Siren Songs: Solidarity with Ukraine.
Thanks for including Unsent Postcard among these, Ryan!


Philip Jeck - Pax
Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck - Mycobiont
Philip Jeck - Chime Again
Philip Jeck - Museum
Maiya Hershey & James A. McDermid - We Talked, and We Cried
Ryefield Society - Unsent Postcard
Pie Are Squared - Do You Remember the Trees?
Caravela - There Is a Path
Mira Calix - Do I Ever?
Mira Calix - Sandsings
Mira Calix - Battery Beach
Mira Calix - an infinite thrum (archipelago)

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