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Behind the moniker Ryefield Society hides a French one-man project, delivering intimate electronic music composed of melancholic melodies, abstract textures and downtempo beats. After an inaugural tape EP on Spleencore Records in 2020 and contributions to diverse compilations, Ryefield Society releases an introspective first LP entitled ‘Artless Ostinati’ on Huinali Recordings in April 2023.

Originally from France but now based in Cologne (Germany), Fantin started producing music at the age of 16, in 2010. After a decade spent exploring different musical approaches and genres - including electronics, post-rock and black metal -, he released his first EP on Spleencore Records in 2020. He then contributed to the compilations Music For Another Sky and Siren Songs: Solidarity With Ukraine, both curated by James McDermid and released by the label Mailbox. More recently, he started a new chapter on label Huinali Recordings, by releasing a track on their compilation Mirinae 미리내 and his first LP entitled Artless Ostinati.