A split release out soon

Posted on May 04, 2024

Thrilled to announce that Ryefield Society and James A. McDermid collaborated on a split album that will be out soon via the Italian label ROHS! Records .

The first half of the album is entitled “S’accommoder” and has been composed and produced by Ryefield Society, while the second one (“Perdido”) is from James A. McDermid. The album will be released on CD and digitally on May 23rd. Pre-orders will open on May 16th.

Many thanks to J. Nathan Dziedzic who did the cover artwork and to Andrea Porcu who mastered the album.

Album description:

While their image remains trapped in glamourous clichés, European cities (Lisbon, Paris, London etc.) undergo post-pandemic capitalist dystopia. Their inhabitants are hindered by the wear and tear of life - unemployment, debt, poverty - while millions are pumped into tourism and foreign investment. This collaborative release by Ryefield Society and James A. McDermid takes its roots in these bittersweet places where beauty is hindered by misery, pollution and/or human contempt.”

S’accommoder is a quest for peace and solace in those industrial landscapes. Ryefield Society evokes urban melancholy with acoustic instruments, repetitive melodies and field recordings. Wistful and anxious from its opening track (“A dead world of sunshine and rain” - a title borrowed from the great American writer Richard Wright), this intimate journey finds relief in love and art as narrated in the meditative and organic “A focus on colours”.

Perdido - Portuguese for “lost” - considers a tourist’s experience of European life: eating pastries alongside the Seine in Paris, or perhaps hearing the echoing voice of the Fado singer along the cobbled side streets of Lisbon - all of it dreamy, beautiful and delightful; yet it’s something slowly becoming more and more manufactured as a way to encourage more tourism and more money into the areas slowly being gentrified beyond recognition.


ROHS! · previews. Ryefield Society / James A. McDermid - S'accommoder / Perdido | ROHS!

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