Release: Unsent Postcard

Posted on Apr 04, 2022

“Unsent Postcard” is a new track I made for the compilation Siren Songs: Solidarity With Ukraine, released by Mailbox Records.

About this release:

On the 3rd March 2022, James McDermid received the following email through Bandcamp:

“Hello, I’m Stas Teterevlev - I live in a boat on an island in the middle of Kyiv. I really love what you do. I’ve been listening to your work today, it helps me a lot. I recorded this ambience and would be very happy if you would like to use it”.

The recording was the moment Russia began their assault on Kyiv/Ukraine, 24th February 2022.

James took Stas’ message to heart - flattered he’d included him amongst several other musicians he’d sent the recording to - and considered whether or not if his recording could be worked into music of my own, like he suggested. Instead James put out a call across social media for collaborators to help put together a compilation of their music that utilised the recording. ‘Siren Songs: Solidarity With Ukraine’ is the result.

It’s amazing how all the contributors involved in this, simply took on their own project with Stas’ recording; exploring it through their own music with such creative and poetic results.

Any and all donations (minus Bandcamp/PayPal/Credit Card fees) to this compilation will go directly to Sunflower of Peace: “a fundraiser to provide medical and humanitarian aid that will be used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine. We are acquiring and distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival that are saving hundreds of lives.”

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