Featured: Lost, Found, and Lost Again

Posted on Jun 25, 2022

Karen Vogt (solo ambient musician, but also in band Heligoland and in duet GALÁN/VOGT) curates a fortnightly show on CAMP radio.
On June 23rd, she played a gorgeous mix including the track Nighttime decisions from my EP The Alternative Path of Abstraction.
It’s an honor for me, I do listen to her music a lot. Many thanks, Karen!


Saschienne - La Somme
Elephant Leaf - Tender Gun in Your Hand
Akira Rabelais - Gorgeous Curves Lovely Fragments
Inquiri - Witness
Azure Ray - Red Balloon
France Jobin - 2022_02_02sub0
The Toy Library - Dying Flowers
Air - A New Star in the Sky
Kate Bush - Aerial Tal
Ryefield Society - Nighttime decisions
The Go-Betweens - You Won’t Find it Again
Fields We Found - Walk

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