Artless Ostinati

- Apr, 17 2023

Huinali Recordings

Artless Ostinati is about never-ending worries and remaining teen dreams.
In this first LP, Ryefield Society combines naive melodies and anxious beats to explore the feelings of adulting. An intimate portrait depicted under city lights by blurry guitars and minimal pianos.
The album includes a featuring with long-time collaborator Scepticisme and a stunning remix by Zeze Wakamatsu.
I would like to thank all the persons involved in this release. Thanks to Scepticisme and Zeze Wakamatsu for their beautiful contributions. Many thanks to Javier Marimon (Off T Visuals) who did the artwork, to Mattias Fridell who mastered the album, and to Huinali Recordings for giving me the chance to release this first LP with them.

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