Le bruit des perles

Posted on Oct 10, 2019

Avec mon fidèle acolyte @sonicYND, on a concocté un mix pour Le @BruitDesPerles. Au programme: des prières, des parades et du folk pour nuits brumeuses.


  1. Scott Kelly & The Road Home/The Sun Is Dreaming in the Soul/ Live 7’’
  2. ROME/Adamas/The Hyperion Machine
  3. Ora Cogan/Repatterning/Shadowland
  4. Songs:Ohia/ The Ocean’s Nerves/Ghost Tropic
  5. Mirel Wagner / The Well / Mirel Wagner
  6. This Is Me/Lonewolf/This (song) is (for) me
  7. Midlake/Acts of Man/The Courage of Others
  8. Marissa Nadler/Are You Really Going to Move to the South/For My Crimes
  9. Matt Elliott/C.F. Bundy/Drinking Songs

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